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Happy April!

In case you haven’t seen it already, I posted a new video on my channel today:

How to get a Million Subscribers


So obviously I do not recommend the YouTube tips I joked about in the video. But, here are some things that I’ve learned that may help you out if you are thinking about starting a YouTube channel or if you are a new YouTube Creator:

1. Be Yourself…

This is where everyone says, “Duh!”, but seriously, there are so many people on YouTube just trying to play the part of other big-name YouTubers. There is nothing wrong with being inspired and trying to learn from other YouTubers, but make sure to put your own spin on things. YouTube is very personal because you actually get to interact with your viewers. People watching want to know who you are and can tell whether you are being genuine. Make videos that you enjoy; on topics that you are interested in. Don’t doubt yourself!

2. Lighting, Lighting, Lighting…

The truth is there are nicer cameras than others, but as long as you have great lighting (try filming during the day in front of a window), you can make a clear, good-quality video on a smaller camera or even on your smart phone! If you are wanting to buy a camera, here are some good options:
Canon PowerShot Elph 340 HS * (Great starter camera and vlogging camera)
Canon EOS Rebel T3i * (popular amongst YouTubers)

3. La Musica…

Whatever you do, don’t use copywrited music- no matter what other people tell you!! Many YouTubers will use parts of songs in their videos that are copywrited. There is this whole “30 second rule” going around YouTube for using music, but just because YouTube doesn’t strike your video, doesn’t mean you won’t have trouble later on if the owner of the rights to the song decides to take legal action. Instead, use the songs provided in the YouTube Creator Tools library, royalty-free songs, or try messaging artists on Soundcloud to ask for their permission to use their music in your videos. Here are some music resources to check out, and remember to always give credit where it is due:

4. Know your editing system…

For starting out, I recommend just using whatever movie editing program you may already have on your computer. The best place to find out how to use your program and how to create some cool effects? YouTube tutorials! When I first switched from using iMovie to Final Cut Pro, I had no idea what I was doing, but with a simple search on YouTube, I had access to many tutorials to help me learn my program. Plus, if you see a specific effect you want to do on your video, there are countless tutorials for that kind of stuff too! Here are some free light leaks I add into my videos:

5. Cohesive Branding…

When creating your channel, think about what your channel is about, what kinds of videos you plan to make, and how you want people to see you. Your profile picture, channel art, video watermark, and video thumbnails should have some sort of similarity so when people see one of these, they recognize it as your channel. It is also good to keep in mind, that you will probably want to take your “branding” into social media as well. Have a Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram, etc. for your channel and make sure these accounts have the same profile picture and banners with your branding. Not only does this give you more ways to share your content, but people will see a common brand amongst all these outlets and recognize your brand. I personally love creating branding for all my social media, YouTube, and blog. If you are having trouble in this area, I can offer consultations for more information on creating your branding and/or actually create branding for all your sites for a fee. If you are interested in this service, and want more info, click here:

I hope you found all these YouTube tips helpful and learned something new! I’m actually planning on making this into a series, so if you have any specific questions or topics you want covered, comment below, and I will include it in a future YouTube tips post! Thanks for reading!

Do everything in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

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