It’s Raining Mixed Prints | Saturday Style

Happy Saturday!

Mixed prints can be a scary and tricky trend to venture into… There is a chance of looking like a jumbled mess who got fashion advice from a toddler, but there is a chance of trying something new and fashion forward. So how do you get that effortlessly styled look? I recommend mixing a bold, colorful print with a more subtle, neutral print. For example, a colorful, floral skirt paired with a black and white striped top. Stripes and bright florals pair nicely! Continue Reading

How To Wear Printed Sneakers | Saturday Style

Hey Lovelies!

Today, I’m going to give you some ideas on how to wear printed sneakers. Honestly, I’ve never been a huge sneaker girl, but I have been eyeing this printed sneaker trend and thought I would try it out.

For this post I decided to show you 3 different ways I would style my leopard print sneakers. You might recognize these from my Clothing Revival Haul post- They are Calvin Klein and I bought them for an amazing price! Continue Reading

Tea with Mom | Saturday Style

Last Saturday, my Mom and I went out to tea. Sadly, a lot of the tea rooms in our area closed down when the economy collapsed, but we found out about the Linde Lane Tea Room in Dixon, CA. I had seen their deals on Groupon, and thought it would be fun to check it out since it’s less than an hour away. Continue Reading